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AZACT EC (azadirachtin 2.4%) is an agricultural pesticide with a low toxicity fungicide and insecticidal effect and registered by MAPA for use in organic agriculture. Because it is a white stripe it presents some points of extreme technical and commercial importance, for example:

- Is exempt from Agronomic Receipt;

- It is registered by pest or disease and not by crop, that is, all crops that with the presence of the biological target the product can be recommended;

- It presents zero deficiency between the application of the product and consumption of the food;

- It does not harm pollinating organisms, predators and natural enemies;

- Insecticide and fungicide in a single product;

- It is a product of physiological action acting as a blocker of the hormone Ecdisone, responsible for chitin synthesis, ecdysis, reproductive system and swallowing of the insect. The product has action in the 3 phases of the pest (egg, nymph and adults);


- Can be mixed with other agricultural pesticides that will not change the efficiency of the product or the reverse.


We should pay attention to the pH of water up to 6 and avoid mixing with Bordeaux or sulphocalcium syrup.

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Nutraza 2xhdpi.png

It is a biostimulating fertilizer with efficiency in controlling the attack of nematodes and other soil pests in Brazil.

Nutraza is a natural nutritional compound pelletized composed of neem seed powder, sugarcane bagasse and seaweed incorporated into a single pellet that facilitates handling and prolongs storage.


The double activity as an ORGANIC FERTILIZER and BIOPROTECTOR TO THE ATTACK OF PESTS is widely used whether in small or large commercial crops or in organic productions where conventional chemical fertilizers are not allowed.

NUTRAZA when incorporated to the soil also protects the roots of attack of nematodes, ants and other insects.



It is presented as a nutritional source and soil conditioner by virtue of its natural components.



When incoporated to the ground it protects the roots of plants from nematodes, fungi, ants and other soil insects.

Mechanism of action: Due to its ability to correct the nutritional imbalance of trace elements, the NUTRAZA formula prevents and treats plant disease disorders. Accelerates root development and overall plant growth. It adds organic matter to the soil and increases the population of beneficial organisms.

The positive effects are visible in the aerial part of the plants with lower leaf fall, faster growth, lower flower abortion index and stronger roots.




Soil correction: 1 ton / ha of NUTRAZA incorporated in the fertilizer applied to soil nutritional correction before planting.


Nurseries: use 3kg of NUTRAZA for plots of 10 to 15m².


Transplantio: to use of 300 to 500gr in the planting pit incorporated to the soil.

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