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CultivaAgrorganic is a company that reaches the young but experienced Brazilian market, with the objective of marketing products for agriculture in special crops, organic and horticultural crops, potentializing and optimizing the harvest and preserving health and the environment.

We are the result of the Joint Venture between the Brazilian LACSA Agronegócios with more than 20 years in the market of research and development of agricultural inputs and the Indian Nature Neem Products, with global performance in the production and commercialization of inputs focused on organic agriculture.


We arrived in Brazil bringing the most modern formulation of pesticides and fertilizers based on natural products developed in partnership with Tamil Nadu University in India, an important center of reference in agricultural research in Asia.

We started our activities with innovative products unique to the Brazilian agricultural market.


A company that guides its trajectory in the respect and daring with the construction of strategic partnerships and focused on the sustainable growth already with solid plans for the future, including the launching of new products that are already under development or in process of registration in Brazil

Know the products


Experience a new level of health in the field.

The modern agriculture requires more and more efficient products and with less risks to the environment.

In this context, we invite you to know the AZACT EC, the first insecticide and fungicide in Brazil, with approved use for organic agriculture by the Ministério da AgriculturaPecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA).

Formulated with Azadiractina, a highly safe compound and proven efficiency in control of mites, insects and fungi.


Non- existent grace period, allowing use in periods close to harvest.

Reduced toxicity

Zero waste in leaves and fruits

It does not compromise beneficial insects like bees, ladybugs and other natural enemies.

AZACT EC is dispensed with agronomic prescriptions.

AZACT EC has its main effect by ingestion.

Even without shock action, the effect on larvae and nymphs is immediate, paralyzing feeding and leading to death.

AZACT EC provides pest control and does not compromise beneficial insects.


As for the fungal action AZACT EC is mainly used as a preventive or when the disease is only beginning to appear on the surface of the leaves, it prevents the germination of fungal spores.

AZACT EC is effective against "rotting", "mold" and "rust"


Click for technical information and access to the label and package leaflet.

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NUTRAZA acts by fertilizing and repelling pests, being effective especially against nematodes. 

NUTRAZA acts as an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner by virtue of its components.

Are they:

Neem seed powder

It preserves all 200 original bioactive ingredients of neem natura acting as a stimulant for plants when absorbed by the roots.

Sugarcane bagasse

Prevents erosion, cracks and adjusts soil pH, improving drainage and promoting natural microbial growth.

Contains significant amount of micronutrients.


Humus (humic acid)

It provides greater development and growth for the plant, besides increasing the dry matter yield due to the humic substances that act as respiratory catalysts and accelerators of cell division, causing a greater development of the root system.


Seaweed Extract (Fulvic Acid)

It increases soil fertility, corrects nutritional imbalance and has biostimulating effect.

Fulvic acid contributes to the absorption of more than 60 nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur.

It contributes to the conversion of soluble and non-soluble minerals to bioavailable.

Nutraza contains over 200 biochemicals that provide protection to plant roots against a wide spectrum of soil nematodes and insects, also inhibiting the growth of a range of telluric fungi.

Protects nurseries against snails and ants.
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